Computer Vision Engineer

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أضيفت في 24-أبريل-2016 اخر موعد للتقديم: 23-يونيو-2016 عدد الشواغر: 1 ايام العمل: الأحد-الخميس نوع العقد: دوام كامل


الجنسية: سعودي
الجنس: ذكر
المهارات المطلوبة: No Preferences
سنوات الخبرة: 2
التخصص: تكنولوجيا المعلومات
التخصص الفرعي: هندسة البرمجيات
الدرجة العلمية: بكالوريوس


الراتب الشهري: تُحدد لاحقاً
الاجازات: 30 يوم أو اكثر - يوم عمل
تأميين صحي: نعم
بدل مواصلات: تُحدد لاحقاً
بدل سكن: نعم
مكافأت: تُحدد لاحقاً

دوام كامل

كلمات دليلية

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وصف الوظيفة

As a computer vision engineer at FalconViz, you'll be developing software to transform how we digitally map our world using drones. We are looking for a creative mind that has the understanding of the relevant theory, strong software development skills, and ability to efficiently and quickly solve complex problems that will push the envelope in 3D mapping. We are not simply looking for a programmer but a founding core team member that envisions oneself playing a long-term role in creating the next generation of 3D surveying and mapping.


 Marital Status: Single

 Military Service Status: Exempted.

 Nationality: Egyptian.

 Availability: Ready to join within one month.

Key Responsibilities:

 You'll develop creative computer vision and mapping software for a variety of FalconViz applications.

 You'll design and implement real-time estimation and mapping algorithms that are optimized, accurate, and integrated with the new sensors found on our drones.

 Implement and evaluate existing 3D reconstruction methods.

 Develop robust software for integrating new sensors and recording methods into the processing pipeline.

 Characterize and quantify the performance of the software.

 Prototype your software solutions for aerial mapping.

Essential Qualifications:

 Strong work ethic.

 Prior experience working in team collaborative environment.

 From 0 - 2 years of experience in Computer Vision engineering field.

 BSc or MSc in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering with a focus on Computer Vision.

 High proficiency in C++.

 Competence with computer vision libraries such as OpenCV, OpenVX, Matlab and PCL.

 Fast prototyping skills, including comprehensive feature integration during all cycles of development and commitment to writing clean, well architectured code.

 Hands-on experience with structure-from-motion and multi-view stereo techniques.

 Practical knowledge of machine learning, image processing, probability and statistics, and computer graphics.

 Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment.

 Collaborative, positive, team-oriented mindset.

وظائف مشابهة

Application Software Engineer

وظائف في Falconviz

Application Software Engineer

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